Oct 16 2013
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The Hamster Wheel

Management added cages to the treadmill desks. Employees lauded the boost in security.

Oct 15 2013
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The Soda Factory

Instead of quitting, he shook up all the bottles on the conveyer belt.

Oct 07 2013
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The Comeback

He thought he pulled out.

Oct 04 2013
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The Horrific

She died pretty.

Oct 03 2013
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The Quick Fix

The city installed armrests in the middle of every bench. She unfolded a cardboard box on the sidewalk and slept.

Sep 25 2013
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The Church

She asked for god and got a credit card.

Sep 22 2013
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The Hangover

He awoke to the pain he evaded. This time it brought friends.

Sep 19 2013
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The Foreign

She hid in her bedroom until the maids finished the kitchen.

"I need to learn Spanish," she said.

Sep 18 2013
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The Excuse

Honestly, he only ran into the street to stop and pick up a dollar.

Sep 16 2013
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The Interpretation

As her cucumbers grew bigger, fewer people opted for oral ingestion.

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