Oct 25 2013
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The Thousandth Time

"Jesus wasn’t even born on Christmas," the atheist said again.

Oct 25 2013
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The Free WiFi Brothel

She traded her body to check her email.

Oct 25 2013
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The Ascetic Environmentalist

She ate all her cigarette butts.

Oct 25 2013
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The Disenchanted Genie

It was the nineteenth flat stomach on the day.

Oct 25 2013
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The Maternal Instinct

She fastened his car seat before driving into the river.

Oct 25 2013
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The Coffee Shop

He’d been waiting all afternoon to say it: “Oh this? Just a novel I’ve been kinda working on.”

Oct 21 2013
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The Move

She lifted her shirt to clean off his vomit. The plan worked.

Oct 18 2013
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The Instagram

She decided on the Sutro filter for the open casket.

Oct 16 2013
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The Hamster Wheel

Management added cages to the treadmill desks. Employees lauded the boost in security.

Oct 15 2013
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The Soda Factory

Instead of quitting, he shook up all the bottles on the conveyer belt.

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